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Better Customer Communications

Salestrakr CRM provides what many CRM applications don’t. An email client. With Salestrakr you can find an important sales opportunity, then click the linked contact, then click on their email address. You can not only send an email to that contact, you can also choose an email template, complete with mail merge fields, and as well attach important company files. And if you’re worried about not having that email in your regular email client, Salestrakr can “BCC” you.


Faster is Better

Salestrakr CRM is fast. REALLY fast. And fast matters. Salestrakr allows you do almost everything CRM related on one page. Need to make a change? Just click, change and keep working. Most CRMs and other business applications follow the “click and wait” style of operation. This isn’t good for sales people or anxious business owners. Give Salestrakr’s “edit in place” a try. You won’t want to go back to all your other web apps.

It’s Always Your Data

Some companies want to charge you to export your data. Never with Salestrakr. Not only is it safe and backed-up. It’s yours and you always have access to it with Salestrakr CRM. You can even download your data ready to be loaded into a MySQL database!  If you want to access your data in Salestrakr for use in other applications, you’re all set. The Salestrakr API allows you to read (and write) to Salestrakr. If you need help, our engineers are also ready to help you write your applications. Even modify Salestrakr for you. Salestrakr is as powerful as it is simple.


Make It Yours

Salestrakr CRM isn’t a one size/shape/layout fits all. And you don’t pay by the drink. You can add as many custom fields as you want in Salestrakr. You can put them where you need them. You can upload as many files and attachments as you want. And you can create as many email templates as you want. Send all the emails you want. Salestrakr is designed to fit your business model and your budget.

What others say about us

Salestrakr CRM ensures my customers are reached when I don’t have the time. In today’s fast paced business environment, there’s no way I could reach my goals without Salestrakr CRM.
Bob Van Sant, FANRIA
In my business, value matters. I have over a hundred employees that manage relationships with hundreds of partners and thousands of customers. Tracking the history of each partner is crucial to our business. Salestrakr delivers to me a complete CRM application that’s highly affordable yet full featured to my specific needs. I would not know what to do without it.
Eugenio Gonzalez, TwoAnyOne

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