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Finally, a full-featured CRM that's easy to use

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No Software to Install

We host the software on our servers. Just login with a browser and go.

Work From Anywhere

Home, office, coffee shop, the beach - wherever you're inspired.

Share with your team

Designed for teams to share data and activity. Everyone has their own login.

Easy to Use

Most CRMs are difficult to learn and never fun to use. We created Salestrakr to be easy to understand and a joy to use.

Keep track of your Customers

easy to access everything you need to know about your customers. With Salestrakr, you're just more productive.

Close More Sales

Salestrakr was designed with one thing in mind - closing sales.

Business to Family CRM

Salestrakr is designed for people who sell to families. Financial services, home services, healthcare providers, childcare and many others.

Track your clients as a family

They're not just an individual. They could have a spouse and children. You need to know them as a family. You need to treat them as a family

What is a CRM?

CRM is Customer Relationship Management. It is software for automating the sales process.

Access information about your customers

A successful business has dozens or hundreds of customers and potential customers. With Salestrakr you can keep everything you know about your customer in one easy to find place. This information can be shared with everyone on your team. No more digging through files or old notes to find some critical detail about your customer.

Work smarter and be more productive

One easy to use tool means you will spend more time interacting with your customers. Focus on building new relationships and winning new business. Using the Salestrakr CRM means more information more readily available about your customers. The better you understand your customers, the more likely you will be successful with them.

See all customer interaction

A complete history of meetings, notes, calls, emails.

Project Sales

Know where your business is coming from. Stay on top of the sales process.

Coordinate activity

Keep up with everything needed to take care of your customers and close business. Share this with your team.

Simple to use

Other CRMs take a long time to learn. They are not intuitive. They make you feel dumb. Not Salestrakr. You will be up and running and productive in no time.

It's just people

Other CRMs track leads, prospects and customers differently. You have to remember where they are and how to treat them differently. It's confusing just to figure out what to do. With Salestrakr, every business card is just a person or family.

Easy to add and change data.

There is no edit mode. If you want to change some information about one of your customers, just click on the data. A box pops up allowing you to make the change. Nothing could be easier.

Everything is right in front of you

There is one screen with all of the information and features of Salestrakr. You have a business card and a full history with all of your interactions. You also have your calendar, files, task list and links to every function you need.

Quick to learn and teach others how to use

There is no book you have to read. You don't have to watch hours of tutorials. Salestrakr is easy to learn and easy to show others on your team how to use.

Powerful capabilities

Salestrakr is a full featured CRM. Even though it is easy to use, there are a rich set of features available.

Team Calendar

Keep track of all of your meetings and your team members events. Easy to see a log of when you have met each of your customers.


Always have an updated task list readily available. Make sure nothing slips through the cracks. See what you've done for each customer and what your team has done. "Snooze button" a task if you can't get to it immediately.


Easy to access list of useful files. Have a common set of company files that are up to date. Create categories for files and set expiration dates. Everyone on your team will have access to the most up-to-date data.

Import and Export Data

It's easy to get your existing information into Salestrakr. Select from over a dozen different formats. It's quick to get started using Salestrakr. It's also quick to import marketing lists


Sort your customers using an unlimited number of unique tags. Tag a customer with one tag or many different ones. Run reports or quickly send email to customers with the same tag.

Sales Pipeline

Break down your sales process into discrete steps. Then track each opportunity by where it is in the process. You can use the pipeline to project future sales. Great for working with a team to help identify opportunities that need help to close.


Any changes to customer data can be seen in the changelog. See who made what changes and when. Can be limited to only admins viewing this.

Activity Monitor

Review what everyone on your team has done on the system. Always be aware of what is happening.

Custom Data Fields

Create ways to store data that make sense for your business. Supports many different types of data including text, numbers, dollars, dates, checkboxes and more. You can even create custom tables of data.

Email Templates

Create rich-text emails and use them over and over. Send them to one person or to a group. Include photos and file attachment. The email templates can be used by group emails and by marketing automation.

Group Emails

You can send an email to a group of customers at the same time. Use reports or tags to select a group to email. Invite them to an event. Tell them about a new product. Or just thank them for being customers.

Get Help

If you have a problem or need a question answered, it is easy to get help. Click on the "Ask for Help" link and fill in a box and get an email response quickly.

Simple Pricing

Every feature. No limits.

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